Welcome to School Alumni!

My experience at Springsville was a very fantastic one. I was in this school for 8 years but I can tell you that my experience at Springsville International School is a big mixture of learning and self-discovery. Great times, great friends and difficult hurdles, a really big roller coaster that would not exchange for the world. Life at Springsville was not easy at all, it was a tough one because my childhood life was spent in Springsville but these were the real character builders, at year 5, I was able to overcome challenges and accomplish tasks on my own.

Like you said I used pharmacy.
Aminah A. Suleiman, Alumnus

Strengthening Relationships

SIS Alumni are incredibly important personalities as we learn and get feedback of our success stories through them.

If you are SIS Alumni, we want you to know that we are very proud of you all, we want to hear from you and want to share in your journey and experiences since you left the school. That way, we can keep in touch and maintain the long term relationships and togetherness as we value this so much.