About our School


Head Teacher’s Welcome

Springsville International School was set up with the intention of providing qualitative education at an affordable rate, promoting excellence in learning for every child through the collaborative efforts of students, parents and staff in a safe, serene and conducive environment. Our approach to learning, guides our pupils into becoming well-rounded, responsible, confident and outstanding personalities in the society.

We have fantastic extracurricular activities, which provides opportunities for lifelong learning and experiences. We stop at nothing to cultivate a friendly, happy family atmosphere whilst thriving for hard work and academic excellence.

We welcome you at any point of contact.

Ms Ijeoma Ejiakonye, Head of School

Vision and Mission

Our vision states what we stand for and what we intend to achieve now and serve as a grade to our proposed achievement in future. Our vision helps to define our objectives and approach toward achieving our goals. Our vision is to nurture morally sound great minds, who will be future leaders.
While our mission is to provide contemporary education from crèche through early years, primary and secondary years to all lads irrespective of gender, religion or nationality.

The vision and mission are achieved in a conducive, physical and intellectual environment that foster a keen interest for knowledge. By combing both Nigeria and British curricular, we ensure that the students get the necessary foundation, motivations and moral guidance that nurture morally sound minds ready for an intellectually dynamic world.

Features & Characteristics

Our ethos describes its spirit and character. Springsville International School is built on secular ethos; it embraces diversity in culture, religion and ethnicity. These ethos, impacts strongly on the kind of education delivered to our pupils. We are characterized by;

  • Secular setting where all children have equal right of access to the school.
  • All children of all social, cultural and religious background are equally respected.
  • Co-educational system which is committed to encouraging all children to explore their full range of abilities and opportunities.
  • Child centered approach to education.
  • Set of well qualified teaching personnel.
  • Outstanding holistic teaching pedagogies and excellent facilities.
  • Differentiated stimulating learning strategies.
  • Enriching curriculum and excellent extra-curricular programmes.
  • A conducive, friendly learning atmosphere ideal for learning.
  • Manage learning gaps to maximize potential abilities.


We have a maximum of 20 pupils per class, hence we are able to give each and every pupil the maximum amount of attention required.

At Springsville, we provide interactive Nigerian and British based curricula which encourage active participation of all pupils.

  • 20 fully air conditioned classrooms.
  • A well equipped library.
  • A computer lab.
  • A well manicured sports field.
  • A playground with play equipment and trampolines.
  • A 150 seat capacity pavilion.
  • A standby power generator.
  • Fully air-conditioned school bus with a qualified driver.
  • A well manicure and lawn covered environment.

Springsville International School pupils exhibit excellent behavior trait in and outside school. The school provides character certification which monitor’s and guide pupils/students to be of best and most appropriate mode of behavior. The approach of Valtrex character building is promoted beachyspharmacy.com thorough constant character, inspiring talks and rewards.

At all times our pupils/students are expected to:

  • To uphold the good name and reputation of the school thorough excellent behaviour.
  • To respect opinions and beliefs of others.
  • To show respect and courtesy to all members of the school and community at large.
  • To dress neatly and smartly in their appropriate uniforms.
  • To take care of their properties and the school properties.

Springsville International School has the state of the art, well-furnished and fully equipped computer lab. The computer lab has enough computers, all LCD that run on the latest Windows Operating System to allow for a child to a computer. The lab is also equipped with high speed unlimited wireless internet access, which provides our students with the opportunity to study online and explore relevant software available.


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